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We are a 501(c)3 nonprofit, public charity working with a local community initiative in Tanzania to bring positive change and life-altering opportunities to vulnerable children whose families have been effected by the scourge of poverty, abuse, HIV/AIDs, alcoholism and a loss of hope.

October 2017

Here in Babati, Tanzania E.A., we are working in conjunction with the support of the local community members & local government to operate the Manyara Holistic Centre (MAHOCE) which was formed in February 2007. MAHOCE currently provides free non-formal education classes open to children in the community, who because of impoverished circumstances, have failed to enter the formal education system. MAHOCE also runs a youth hostel which currently provides housing and full board services to 33 boys & girls who had previously lived on the streets, on their own, or in abusive households working as domestic servants; missing out on life’s basic opportunities such as school, adequate nutrition, medical attention, safety & security. In addition, MAHOCE also provides education, school supplies & healthcare to a further 45 vulnerable children living with individual caregivers or in boarding schools. Each Saturday we have counseling groups, a feeding program and distribute soap & school supplies for MAHOCE children who live outside the Centre. We also support young adults who have come up through our program at the University of Dar es Salaam, Sila Teacher’s College in Arusha and Vocational Education institutions.


Harambee is committed to bringing vulnerable children a more positive alternative than what street life offers. In partnership with the community of Babati, we are heeding the call to “defend the rights of the afflicted and needy.”

Thanks to our combined efforts these children now live in a safe and secure environment, have been enrolled in local schools and are having all their other basic needs met such as health care, daily meals, clothing and counseling. MAHOCE is also supported regularly with in-kind donations of food stuffs, clothes & school supplies provided by local businesses, church groups and concerned citizens.

In December of 2014 we had our first group of 7 students graduate from secondary school. Two of our girls is currently training as a seamstress & another began her studies at the University of Dar es Salaam in early 2016, after completing her Advanced Level studies. In November of 2015 we celebrated our second secondary school graduating class of five students. Many of them want to continue their studies in either vocational education training or to become teachers. One of our boys has already become independent, after training as an electrician through the support of Harambee & MAHOCE.

Harambee Foundation is open to all people of all creeds, faiths and denominations and our services are provided to all people regardless of religious preference. We do
provide Christian religious instruction, daily prayer, guidance and worship opportunities but do not require conversion in return for any service our programs we provide.
It is our hope that through our good works, Christ like examples, and through an
opportunity to hear the word of God, we may plant a seed that the Spirit may use to
bring others into a relationship with God through the finished work of Jesus Christ.


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  1. Goleba Senai says:

    hi.I am an orphaned lady since the age of 16,left with 2 sisters and nephew to take care.The youngest was two years old.I say in Botswana ,Southren Africa.Even though Im proud that I managed to raise them all by my self and the yougest is doing cambridge while others are at university ,I still have this void that I want to help other orphans .Currently I dont have land but intend to either buy or convert my residential. I onced tendered for the government land but was unsuccessful .Please help me develop a business plan in order to tender for land once more.


    i like the idea.

  3. dismas wella says:

    Exactly that is what is suppossed to be done even by our Government if real the official government are seriously enough to SAVE the suffering and marginalised groups instead of buying luxuriouly motorvehicles and DIVIDING the resources among themselfs

    • Corruption is always a problem Dismas. Fortunately, in Babati we are receiving some help from the Town Council in terms of school uniforms and a percentage of school fees. You always feel like they could do more though!

  4. Comfort says:

    I am currently living un France, I havé a dream to start an orphanage in a feu years when I return to NIgeria. I would like some information regarding how to start on and thé kind of things I should be looking / thinking about now. Although Im Nigérian, I am not familiar with thé lacs concerning such à venture as this. This any information Will be high y appreciated. Thankyou and God bless. Comfort

  5. Letticia Muembo says:

    Hi, My name is Letticia Muembo I’m based in South Africa, but originate from the Democratic Republic of Congo. I’m thinking about establishing an orphanage or centre where the less fortunate can recieve food and shelter in the DRC and I would very much like to recieve any guidelines you may have. Kindly email me if you can offer any help. (Ticiamuembo@gmail.com)

    Thank you

  6. PAMELLA NHARI says:

    Please help would like to sstart Orphanage in Harare, Zimbabwe, will give you more information about myself once to direct me to the right persons.



  7. n.a.konadu says:

    that is a wonderful work you people are doing and may the almighty god help you all.thanks

    i am from ghanaian living in netherland and the last time i went there two years ago made me think that i have to do something in my village now that my chiildren are grown Actually i have always want to do ophanage work there but now i realise i need information and help of how to begin so i am checking the internet to get ideas .if you have any tips i will be glad to hear thank you .yours fathfully n.a.

    • Thanks for your comment and good luck in your endeavor’s. Expect lot’s of hard work, trust in God, faith and endurance to get you through. Having the support of locals is very important, so starting a project in your village is a great idea. You can start small, for example, helping pay school fees & school supplies for children currently unable to enroll because of unfortunate circumstances. You can work directly with local school officials to make sure the money is being used properly and that the children actually do attend school. Good luck & may God bless you my friend!

  8. Wade says:

    Very Inspiring. When I finish school it is my hope to move to a developing nation and found an orphanage that will also be a school. I am glad to hear the aspect of community focus mentioned, and taking a holistic approach to the work that my school will do.

    • Thanks! Good luck Wade and welcome to Tanzania anytime to pay a visit and learn more in person! Check out our page on Facebook too, Harambee Foundation USA.

  9. Carly mercer says:

    Looking to start an orphanage in kenya can u help me figure out what i should do first im headed there on sep 15 to buy land and raise money in the states to build any advise would be amazing im a christian woman looking to come over and get involved
    thanks so much Carly

  10. zain says:

    Hi there, I am looking to open an orphanage in Kenya. I would really appreciate your help as I would like some held on how to go about it. Thanks

  11. chris adome says:

    advice me am aserious member of a society operating in kenya supporting community on livelihood and education may u partner with us for the benefit of orphan child

  12. laja p. kevin says:

    Great work,
    Am a Kenyan young occupational therapist based in Nairobi. I was looking for an opportunity to volunteer in a facility that deals with orphaned children well being,especially one with HIV/AIDS cases ,learning disability and developmental challenges .
    and so I learn t of your work. can be able to engage further.

  13. Rebecca says:

    Hi my name is Rebecca, I got your email off of a link on the internet. I am looking into opening an orphanage/Christian school in Africa. It is the beginning stages. I have a pastor friend who I have been in contact with for the last couple of years who is helping me to get it started. Would love any help you could give.


  14. Joscelyn Jones says:

    Greetings Joshua! May God continue to bless you and all that your organization does! I had the opportunity to volunteer last year at St. Francis Complex in Nairobi Kenya. Since leaving , I feel burdened to help many of the children who attend the school who are orphans. I emailed the head teacher to see how he feels and if he thinks it is a good idea but I also wanted to see how you could help. Thanks

  15. Mireille says:

    Hello Joshua, I’m Burundian and my mission in life is to start an orphanage in order to bring up loved and mentaly /socialy healthy children. It is what I desire the most. I’ll be going to check out an orphanage on the field in order to know their needs so that I can start a draft of my project. Please give me more insight on the project as you already have a lot of experience . Thanks so much and God bless you!

  16. Virginia Griffith says:

    This evening my reading association voted to contribute to your project.
    It was the suggestion of Eleanor Smith, whose sorority is a sponsor also.
    I am the head of the International Perspectives committee and we try to help
    to provide some funding for projects in foreign countries that are furthering education for those less fortunate.
    Eleanor brought me brochures to have available at our meetings to introduce our guests to your project. Some of them may wish to send support too.
    I would like to have some pictures to display on a board behind the brochures.
    Do you have any pictures similar to the ones on your website that I could use?
    I am very impressed with your passion and success.

  17. richard joseph msangi says:

    Hongera kwa kazi unayo Fanya my brother Joshua.najua kutuo hiki kilipo na kweli vijana wanalelewa karibuni nyote tulee familia hii.welcome to Tanzania especially MAHOCE.nikiwa natapa muda nitakuja kukusaidia kufundisha kama mchango wangu kwako am a teacher by professional. We are together

  18. safari says:

    Hello there, I stumbled upon your site by the use of Yahoo and google even though searching for a similar subject matter, your web site developed, it looks such as great safari. We’ve added onto favourites features|included in my own book marks.

  19. DOANLD says:


  20. Anthony Ciliberto (acceptance day) says:

    I thought that I would check out your website. Thank you so much for coming to our school to present your amazing story. We appreciate so very much. your story was so inspirational and it had a great meaning. I hope to one day be apart of this and help. Thanks.

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