Our Sustainable Farm Project in Babati, Tz. to support vulnerable children.

Our project for orphans and former street children & house girls in Babati, Tanzania has recently acquired a substantial amount of land in a village outside town.

Development of this land will allow our project to reach a significant level of self-sustainability through the ability to grow our own food and to raise our own livestock and implement other income generation projects like raising ducks, chickens and pigs.

Proceeds from these projects will be reinvested into our project, reducing our dependance on foreign donors to cover our daily operating costs and be used to support educational opportunities for vulnerable children living within the village where our farm is located.

Infrastructure development of this land will also allow us to increase the number of children we can provide housing for, up from our current level of 30 to over 50. Living on the farm will also ensure our children remain in their own community and cultural context, learning valuable life skills while also being provided with a formal eduation.

Our project will serve as a model of best practice and training facility for local villagers, allowing them to make the most of the natural resources available in our area.

Please make a donation today to support our self-sustainable farm project. THANK YOU!

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