Feeding Program

An important initiative at MAHOCE is our Feeding Program. This program consists of two main parts. First, MAHOCE strives that each child living at our Centre receive well-balanced, diverse and healthy meals.

Secondly, MAHOCE provides services to many children in the community, who come from impoverished back grounds and live with caregivers who often struggle to put food on the table. As a result of malnutrition (either on-going or formerly) many of the children MAHOCE services have stunted growth and are underweight for their age.

Malnutrition has many negative affects on children as they grow. They are not only more susceptible to illnesses and longer recovery times but developmental delays. It also impacts their performance in the classroom in a negative way.

  • Goals

The main goal of our feeding program is to provide well-balanced meals to all our children who live at MAHOCE, and to provide a healthy well-balanced meal each Saturday to any child who is registered with our organization.

  • Struggles

The main struggle our organization currently face is sustaining resources needed to consistently keep our Saturday feeding program up and running. When our budget falls below a certain threshold and cuts must be made, unfortunately it is our Feeding Program that is the first to go. In 2016 we were able to run our Saturday Feeding Program for just under half the year.

HOW CAN YOU HELP? If you believe in the vital importance of proper nutrition for the health and well-being of growing children please make a donation today.