Audrey Pyle, Board Chairman

Joshua Johnston, Field Director
USA: +1 (484) 704-2200
Inside Tanzania 0764.707.463


Harambee Foundation
PO Box 216
West Point, PA 19486

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  1. Hinda and Peter Schnurman says:

    Hello, we are a husband and wife who are looking for volunteer opportunities in the developing world. We have volunteered over the last 11 years in Africa, India and Southeast Asia. I am a health administrator who manages medical clinics professionally and my husband is a retired social worker, community organizer, fundraiser.

    We have been instrumental in assisting a number or NGO’s with systems development, infrastructure development and fund development. Always, building capacity of the NGO staff at our various assignments, we teach as we perform.

    We would like to know if you know of any opportunities available in Tanzania for several months next year. If you would like our CV’s, we can certainly send them to you.

    We look forward to hearing from you, Sincerely, Hinda and Peter Schnurman

  2. We wanted to help with your idea using our site.

  3. you are doing a very good job. may God greatly bless you.

    just wanted to know whether you can assist me. i care for orphaned children who are between the ages of 6 – 21 and about 8 0f them are H.I.V positive. i would like to buy mattresses for them because at the moment they are sleeping on sacks. please let me know through my email addres

  4. khayalethu says:

    I think you are doing the well good job

  5. I am Pastor Jackson Simon Mulinde,My place’s Mwanza City,Tanzania.Our church have project called (Loving Widows and Orphans-Africa(LOWOA).We care 54 widows,and 70 orphans,from different parts of Mwanza,some of them are living with HIV,so what you can help us in order to build the Kingdom of God before Jesus Christ coming soon.Thank you.Your faithful Pastor Jackson

    • May God continue to bless your work, as he does ours. I am very familiar with Mwanza and have visited there many times over the years. Next time I come to the Rock City I will make a plan to visit your project. Joshua

  6. Ted Bruck says:

    Hi, my name is Ted Bruck and I stopped by Tired Hands last night with my family. Our waiter, Daman Ross (?) mentioned your work in TZ. I told him that I not only visit TZ often, but I also co-founded Shanga, an organization for adult disabled Tanzanians in Arusha, and a school for deaf children. I’ve also taught at St Thomas school in Arusha. My African family is from Babati, and I will be living with them for three months beginning March 22 and then I’m coming back again this summer for a month from mid-June to mid-July. Perhaps we may have an opportunity to meet. I’ll try to find you when I get to Babati. My email is

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