ADK Full Proposal- Int’l World Understanding

Dear ADK Sisters,

Thank you for visiting the Harambee Foundation website. We invite you to have a look at our full proposal for our ADK International World Understanding “HEART” Proposal, so that you may have a better understanding of the full depth and scope of our vision to improve the lives of orphans, street children, child domestic servants and other vulnerable children and adolescents in Babati, Tanzania E.A. It is our goal to provide each child with the opportunity for a bright and viable future, where all their basic needs are met, and most important they are given access to a quality education. THANK YOU FOR TAKING THE TIME TO VISIT OUR WEBSITE AND READ OURĀ  ADK International World Understanding Full Proposal WE HOPE YOU DEEM OUR PROJECT WORTHY OF YOUR VOTE.


Joshua Johnston

Field Director

Harambee Foundation


About Joshua Johnston

Co-Founder of the Harambee Foundation. Experience with community development projects in Tanzania, East Africa stemming from local initiatives. Holistic approaches toward sustainable community development. To support vulnerable women and children through local initiatives in East Africa. I believe in: -Creating personal investment and ownership in local development projects -Decision making at the local level -Challenging the status quo -Individual and community empowerment Specialties Fluent Swahili Speaker, Cultural Knowledge (esp. East Africa), Cross-Cultural Psychology, Cross-Cultural Immersion, Community Development, Missions, World Religions, Public Speaking, Sustainable Community Development
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