About Us

Mission Statement

The Harambee Foundation is committed to profoundly impact the lives of vulnerable women and children in Tanzania through the provision of basic services* in collaboration with local community initiatives.

* Education / Housing / Food / Clothing / Health Care / Spiritual Development

Vision Statement
We envision a community where basic services are provided to the most needy for the purpose of developing productive citizens and future leaders of their nations.

The Harambee Foundation is a grassroots organization just like the community organizations we partner with on the ground in Tanzania.

Having spent extensive time on the ground and living in community we have identified a few select groups of people who have come together first to create change, rather than waiting for handouts from abroad to get their start. This upfront investment of personal time, effort and finances makes us confident that those we work beside are committed to lasting partnerships which bring sustainable development, life-changing opportunities and betterment to their community.

Harambee works along side these “budding” community organizations to provide them access to additional resources which would otherwise be out of reach as a result of their impoverished circumstances.

Harambee serves as a voice for these organizations, giving them a stage to the world. We represent their needs, link them with additional resources and increase their professional capacity to stand on their own by ensuring they are transparent and accountable. We recruit worthy volunteers from around the world, assist in their program development and open up new doors for fund raising opportunities from people inspired by their hard work, dedication and independent vision.

Harambee believes in homegrown solutions, rather than those imported from abroad or tailored to meet donor guidelines. We believe this community based approach toward problem solving, starting at the local level, provides the highest level of efficiency and best chances at long-term sustainability.

This is our philosophy and one we share with the good people we work with on the ground in Tanzania. In this way each person plays a part and that when we pull together we can conquer even the biggest challenges.

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