H5K – How Will Your $25 Be Used?

The cost to run in the H5K is a mere *$25.  Each runner will get a t-shirt, gift certificate to Lux Spa and Fitness, as well as a coupon from Road ID, just for participating. If you are wondering how your contribution towards the Harambee Foundation H5K will make a difference.  We will show you:

Babati School Children

Babati School Children Photo Courtesy of robincd123

Here is What $25 Buys in Tanzania:

  • Two pairs of school shoes
  • 50 school notebooks
  • 30 lbs of dried beans
  • Two months worth of laundry soap
  • Two months of malaria treatments
Babati Market - Sandals

Babati Market - Sandals Photo Courtesy of martinaberg

$50 Buys:

  • A year’s supply of medicated bar soap
  • Two year supply of pens for school
  • Six month supply of salt
  • Two goats for breeding
  • Nine months of water for the Center

    Tanzania Classroom

    Tanzania Classroom Photo Courtesy of EganM11

$100 Buys:

  • The Center’s rent for an entire month
  • 100 pairs of underwear
  • The Center’s electric bill for 10 months
  • 30 pairs of school shorts
  • 4 sleeping mattresses
Babati School Children

Babati School Children Photo Courtesy of robincd123

So you see, every little bit DOES help and WILL help the children of Babati, Tanzania.  We hope that you will join our effort and sign up for the H5K today.

* Active.com does charge the runner a small fee for using their registration site.

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Co-Founder of the Harambee Foundation. Experience with community development projects in Tanzania, East Africa stemming from local initiatives. Holistic approaches toward sustainable community development. To support vulnerable women and children through local initiatives in East Africa. I believe in: -Creating personal investment and ownership in local development projects -Decision making at the local level -Challenging the status quo -Individual and community empowerment Specialties Fluent Swahili Speaker, Cultural Knowledge (esp. East Africa), Cross-Cultural Psychology, Cross-Cultural Immersion, Community Development, Missions, World Religions, Public Speaking, Sustainable Community Development
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